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“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships” - Michael Jordan

Baby's Clutch
Baby's Clutch

It Takes A Village

At our organization, we are committed to promoting healthy lifestyles and supporting families through our initiative to assist NICU families during challenging times. To fulfill this initiative, we have partnered with local healthcare facilities & hospitals in Raleigh, NC. Our program provides inspirational baskets filled with emotional therapy and personal care tools for NICU babies and their parents. Our goal is to put a smile on their faces and offer a helping hand when they need it most.


Love & Uplift Luncheons

Monthly, we partner with local womens facilities to provide hot meals, personal hygiene products, and personal development tools for homeless and poverty-risked women. We organize enrichment seminars focused on financial literacy, empowerment, and personal development. As of 2023, we have hosted 36 luncheons - feeding an average 45 women per luncheon.

Annual ThanksGIVING Coat Drive

Every winter, our organization coordinates an annual coat drive. Contributions towards this cause will be channeled towards the purchase of coats, blankets, and hat/glove sets. As of 2023, we have hosted 2 successful coat drives and 12 need-based toiletry drives.

In 2021, we served 33 homeless/poverty-risk women, received $500 in monetary donations, collected 150 heavy and light coats; 20 winter vests 38 scarves and hat/glove sets each.


In 2022, served 40 homeless/poverty-risk women, received $1500 in monetary donations, collected 200 heavy and light coats; 10 winter vests, 45 scarves and hat/glove sets each, 45 blankets & distributed 40 bags filled with toiletries

3rd Annual Coat Drive

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